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Alleviating social and transport disadvantage.

Welcome to Community Transport Central Coast. We are a leading provider of safe, reliable and diverse services for the community. We offer door to door transport for people in the community who are "transport disadvantaged" for any reason, including financial disadvantage, health, lack of mobility or remote location. If you need help with transport, please give us a call on 43554588.
  • Passengers using Community Transport may be unable to walk from home to the bus stop, or find it difficult to manage the steps of a normal bus.
  • They may use a wheelchair or walking frame, or have some cognitive impairment that makes travel difficult.
  • They may be permanently disabled or have some temporary health status that makes travel impossible for them.
  • They may also belong to a youth group or other community group that has difficulty accessing the community for some reason.
Community Transport does not discriminate on grounds of ability to pay, location, gender, ethnicity, language, aboriginality, marital status, religion, sexual preference or type of disability. more
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